Body Work

The journey to restoration starts with you.


When a person, especially one trained in the healing field, projects high frequency thoughts of healing and energy waves onto another person, positive results can be instantaneous.

Restore-i Energy Body Healing and Kahuna Bodywork

A Restore-i energy healing session incorporates, Kahuna Body Work, Psychotherapy and Dietary Education, in order to raise levels of a person’s frequency. When our energy body frequency is vibrating at levels above 75 Hertz (Hz) we are in a state of well-being. At this level blocked energy  clears  and  dis-ease cannot sustain itself . These gentle modalities are very effective for living very comfortably and peacefully in the body and mind.

The Energy Body

We live in a field of waves and particles. We are also in fact the waves and particles - contained in the illusion of a body. It is the awareness of our thoughts, feelings and perception of self that creates ‘the I’. Our physical body -  a dense form of the waves and particles  gives us a reference of who we think we are. It also provides us a vehicle in which we can experience life. We exist as varying degrees of energy density within a field of consciousness also known as the quantum field. The density of our energy depends on the frequency we are vibrating at in each given moment.

The Energy Field of the Body is Commonly Referred to as the Etheric Field

Our etheric body extends well beyond the physical boundaries of our skin and interplays with the quantum field around us. In the vast teachings of YOGA, the energy body comprises of three fundamental systems, which work together to deliver our existence. Once we understand how we are made up of these interconnected energy systems within us, as well as within the universe, we can better understand how we can work with universal energy - as a whole. It is now scientifically proven that when one person - especially a person trained in the healing practices, projects high frequency healing thoughts and energy waves onto another person, positive healing results can be instantaneous.

Energy Pathway Channels

Within our etheric body we have unseen portals transporting energy via a flow system. It connects us from outside within and around our body. These portals intersect at points of intensity within and around the Chakra System of the body. When these chakras are blocked the flow of energy is also blocked and dis-ease can set in.

The Human Energy Field or Aura

The aura or energy field of the human body has the purpose of enclosing the energy or spirit body within a human vessel, as well as connecting it to the universal energy field around us. It remains close to the body as a subtle layer of our human self for this reason.

Chakras - The Unseen Energy Centres That Govern Our Etheric Body

The chakra system is a multi-dimensional system of high frequency energy vortexes that govern the auric or etheric field of the human body. There are many teachings on the chakra system and what purposes each one plays. If we move past the understanding of the 7 most commonly known chakras we will be introduced the 114 chakras that operate within us. The paradox however of really coming to know this system, is  ... it is best understood through silence and increasing our levels of sensitivity, as opposed to analytical education.

A frequency of a higher vibration will elevate a lower vibration to its equal level - Quantum mechanics.