Core Beliefs ... how they affect our lives.

When we begin our lives as a human we are brought together in the perfect way, enabling us to awaken back to the spiritual energy beings, that we are now coming to undertand as fact, through the study of  Quantum Biology  and  Human Neurophysiology.

The parts that make us unique as humans are the intricate details comprising our early childhood experiences.  On a logical and proven psychological level we as humans operate from sets of programmed core beliefs, ones we unconsciously constructed during our  formative years, in order have our primal needs met. Our primal needs are survival, love, shelter and food. As children, it is human nature to forego a true desire in order to primarily have these primal needs met and with this act we accepted consciously and unconciously what is acceptable and unacceptable, pleasurable and painful, according to  the judgement around these experiences.

Did you realise that who you believe you are ... may not be the real you?

Why these experiences in our formative years are important is because they help create and form the beginnings of the conditioned self ... and more often than not this self is created from avoiding pain.  As we grow into adults our  conditioned  sense of self  becomes  who we think we are,  operating  from unconscious  automatic, self regulating behaviours and modes of operation. These behaviours may, on a subtle, or not so subtle  level leave us feeling like we are not being authentic, leave us feeling low in energy and like we are just ticking over. These behaviours are connected to beliefs.

This journey in human form can be uncomfortable. But in order to feel the sense of freedom and connectedness that we are here to reconnect with - we have to become AWARE of our conditioned self. Here we become aquiainted with the parts of ourselves that is created from pain and through insight integrate it back into our authentic and unconditioned self. 

Becoming aware of our conditioned self creates a distinct path to being in touch with our true self.

Where does our programming originate from?

Let's look at the foundations of human psychology and how the subconscious area of our minds are programmed - primarily from the ages of birth to 7 years of age. But before we continue it is worth mentioning that there are alternative findings that support conditioned and automatic behaviours, however subconscious programming is well documented in mainstream psychology, and understood well in the western world. So for the purpose of understanding a contributing factor that influences why we exhibit certain behaviours, we will approach this subject from the psychological conditioning perspecive.

Our conscious behaviour is easily identifiable, however it is our unconscious patterns of behaviour that wields tremendous power in our lives.

Our patterns of behaviour paint a picture of how our world presents to us, as well as impacts  how we feel, perceive and interact with our outer world. We consciously and unconsciouly tune into how we feel as we live our lives. Now remember our behaviour towards life may becoming from a part of us that is avoiding pain.

At certain points we will feel conflict or pain - this break in harmony is a necessary part of our evolution.

However, when conflict presents we will feel it ... and it may be intense. It is at this point that we have an opportunity to become aware of the message that the energy of pain is leading us to. There are different forms of conflict where the more subtle forms may present as disenchantment with who we are and where we are headed. Programming that is coming up for negotiation can also influence our lives as mild physical and emotional issues, such as low paying and un-interesting work or intense influences such as anxiety, depression and other forms of mental illness, as well as physical illness or severe losses and tragedies.

The only way out of a conditioned pattern is to acknowledge it and go through it.

We are made up of mind / body and spirit and the only way we can really heal is to address our whole multi dimensional being. Using either or a blend of Instinctual Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Body Work we can be assisted in exploring and uncovering old stories, also known as programmed conditioning that is no longer serving our human self, as well as blocking our spiritual integration processes and ascension.

You will see distinct patterns in how you operate in the world. You will change these patterns if they are no longer serving you and alter how you operate internally and externally.

My story and constant levels of conflict presented as eczema. Eczema showed up for me from the age of two years old, blowing out to full body eczema in my teens. It was a debilitating experience that I felt I had no control over. My parents tried Doctors, Naturopaths and all sorts of topical creams and diets, which only gave me temporary relief. In my early twenties I was so disconnected from myself, unhappy and consumed with caring for my skin. This became a focal point from which everything I did stemmed from.

Psychotherapy was one area my parents had not looked into.

When I was old enough I began my education and healing journey in the field of mind / body / spirit. It never occured to me that a main part of the dis-ease I was experiencing was the result of unconscious unresolved emotional trauma experienced in my younger years. It was playing out over and over again, resulting in angry, painful and  uncomfortable skin, poor life decisions and a low sense of self worth.

The gift I have since come to see is that eczema shows up in my life as a result of conflict from sets of core beliefs and patterns, which are no longer serving my growth and expansion towards wholeness. 

Today I have beautiful skin, if it flares up if does not last long, as  it shows me I am out of alignment and need practice mindfulness or seek assistance  to re-balance. I love being in touch with my spirit, body, mind and emotions as well as being in work which feeds my soul and creative talents. I cannot wait to jump out of bed in the morning. The relationships I have are open and honest where I feel free to speak my truth from a place of respect for myself and others. When we untangle our  true core beliefs apart from our conditioned ones, born out of  painful experiences, we can view the world from a very different perspective.

You can change your life to be exactly how you want it to be. What are your core beliefs?